Latest Mobile Applications
Shylock Bunny
Shylock Bunny is a private investigator who is assisted by his trusted friend Dr. Mole. The are often called upon by Bulldog the chief of police to solve crimes that baffle them. Play as Shylock Bunny and you will receive six new case files from Chief of Police. You will have to play 18 different action packed games with puzzles, car chase, rockets, robots etc. to solve all the case files. This game is a really good holiday treat for kids & game lovers
VDay Status
Are you single and looking for love, let cupid's arrow do its work on the heart of your prospective partner.Engaged or married? Either way, go tell it to the world unabashedly using Facebook or Twitter.We have free collage frames specially designed for Valentines Day to help you set the Valentine's Day Status on your social network profiles
Santa Sings Your Name
Just key in your kid's name & get a lovely personalized Christmas song from Santa. All this app tries to accomplish, and does, is bring a smile to your kid's or grandchild's face. Well, we do know, that's priceless! ...
Escape From Space Ship
Somewhere in uncharted space, a man is waking up from his cryosleep. He finds himself locked inside one of the chambers of an abandoned space ship. There is no crew onboard and he doesn't remember how he ended up being there. The objective of the game is to help him escape from space ship by finding the hidden tools and solving amazing puzzles...
Sms Spam Blocker
SpamBlocker is a useful utility for people who receive a lot of SMS Spam. Safe to Use: We understand that SMS contains personal information. SpamBlocker doesn't ask you for network access permissions. The personal data we access is used only within your phone to apply Spam rules...